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Chinese Tea by Regions

Anhui Province

Anhui Province has been producing this wonderful drink for hundreds of years. It is famous for its numerous varieties of green as well as Keemun: a black tea produced in Qimen County. HuangShan MaoFeng, produced in Mt. Huangshan region, is one of Top Ten Tea in China.

Fujian Province

The subtropical climate and mountainous terrain in Fujian Province makes it an ideal region for tea production. Fujian Province is probably the most important production area in China.

It was produced in Fujian Province 1600 years ago. Five different types Oolong, Black, Green, White and Scented are produced here. There are about 336 varieties of plants within these five broad categories. With this rich resource, it is not hard to produce new hybrid to meet ever increasing demand from wide drinkers.

Yunnan Province

Perfect climate and soil conditions in Yunnan Province are ideal for tea trees. Yunnan Province is famous for its such trees. There are around 200 species of such trees found in Yunnan Province alone.

Yunnan Province began to produce this natural drink 2,100 year ago and has become one of the most important production regions in China. Black and Pu-erh are among the best quality and the most famous. They are mainly for export. Yunnan also produces other types such as jade green, mixed, Xuanchun and Hongbao. It also produces scented varieties such as smoked, white orchid and the popular jasmine.

Guangdong Province

Guangdong Province situates in the subtropical zone and is a mountainous region. These natural conditions have enabled Guangdong Province to produce many varieties of quality tea. One of them is Oolong tea.

Oolong combines the freshness of green and the fragrance of this beverage. It contains numerous medical benefits and values. It is especially beneficial to drink Oolong tea for dieting. High grade Oolong grows on cliffs making harvesting very difficult. That may help explain why Oolong is precious and expensive.

Hunan Province

The weather in Hunan Province is characterized by constant cloud and mist with endless mountains in its southern and western regions. Such environment is perfect for good tea.

Hunan was producing dark tea during the Ming Dynasty. Bricks were very popular and prosperous, and had enjoyed a good reputation all over the world for centuries. Hunan Province is also well known for its rare and incredibly high quality yellow tea. Dozens of excellent green are also planted in Hunan Province.

Zhejiang Province

Zhejiang Province is covered by numerous mountains, lakes and scenic spots. It is the home to many famous brands. For example, the West Lake Dragon Well is one of Top Ten Tea in China.

The Mount Tianmu sits along the western edge of the province, and is responsible for many high quality names, rare animals and birds, and many kinds of plants. The Mount Tiantai is another tea producing region shrouded in cloud and mist all the year round. The Mount Chimu is yet another mountain covered in tea bushes, cloud and mist. The famous Temple Huiming was built on this mountain. Tea was grown here since Tang Dynasty.